Do you know what is a phospholipid ?

We all know that our body is like a building and it consists of the cell like building consists of bricks. And similarly, as the bricks are founding a stone the cells are building blocks of our body.  So, you don’t know that what is a phospholipid ? It is the component of a cell’s part of the cell membrane.

What is a cell membrane?

A cell membrane is a part of the cell and it surrounds the cell. It is found in both the animal and plant cell. It is composed of lipid bilayer structure that is very well known. The lipid bilayer is made of the layers of fatty acids which are parallel organized over each other. Its thickness is round about the 5 to 10 nanometer giving the support to the cell body.

what is a phospholipid

As the fats are oil and they have hydrophobic tails, and it has also glycolipids and phospholipids it acts as a supportive body. As the cell membrane is semi-permeable membrane we all know that the word semi means the selective permeable that only allows selective things to in and goes out of the cell.

Now the detailed structure of phospholipid is as under:

The phospholipids have an amphipathic and amphiphilic molecule that shows that it is simultaneously have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic end. The phospholipids are the component of the cell membrane that is essential to carry out the cellular and body functions properly. The lipid belongs to the organic subclass and it composes the cell membrane which is no doubt is essential for us.


What is a phospholipid ? – understand its molecule:

A molecule is made up of two ends. One is called as the head and other is called as the tail the molecule possess’ one phosphate group on the head and contains a whole fatty acids chain which comprises the tail of the molecule.
It is constantly moving due to its flexible structure and that is because it has dual charged ions. The phosphate one is negative so it attracts the water and while the other fatty acid chain repels the water due to its hydrophobic ends. The hydrophobic ends then comprised of some saturated and unsaturated fatty acids that give birth to the flexibility in the lipid bilayer structure.


Importance of lipid bilayer in cell membrane:

Why we study phospholipids and why is it important?  As the phospholipids are a part of a molecule thus it is essential to study it to understand the biological function as well as the chemical function of the cell. It is important because whenever our body is out of energy and becomes energy deficient it broken down into the packets of energy and then supply to our body then our body becomes able to survive in the harsh conditions but become and needs urgent replacement with other sources of food.


How to get the lipid or phospholipids to get the healthy body?

You can increase the phospholipids by having some dairy products and as well as the meat, wheat and the high lecithin meals regularly. Fish is also good for having it and also it contains the omega-3 protein that is very beneficial for the human body.

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