Get info about how many calories does a banana have

The only fruit banana comes twelve month and whole year has a bundle of nutritional health packed in it. It is the fruit that many scientists agreed to have ability to combat with much illness. Bananas are good for health and it is good to add banana to your meal. Many people think banana as the fruit that eats monkey so it’s not good for them however, banana has potassium which has a major role play in the metabolism of the body.


Banana makes your bone strong and do you know how many calories does a banana have? It has 89 calories. It means if you are a hard worker than you must consume banana to get the complete calories required per day.

Nutritional benefits: how many calories does a banana have?

If you are eating banana everyday it means you are going to live strong in your upcoming life. The potassium in banana is very much beneficial for our health, you know it is very significant and is considered to play vital role in cell’s important function and maintain tissues. It is usually called as electrolyte which carries charged ions. It regulates the cell membrane movement and exchange of ions.

how many calories does a banana have
Regular intake of banana controls the blood pressure. The vitamins B6, the calcium and all support the healthy body. The intake of banana make you sure of all cardiovascular diseases.Eating banana means eating fibers. You know fibers are very important for the digestion process. It makes the bone healthy and makes them able to store calcium so that they become stronger. It also prevents one from slipping to the kidney cancer.It has a high amount of antioxidants that saves us from the chronic diseases and other weaknesses. Those who are weak and want to get the instant energy they should consume banana as much as possible.


Smoothie of banana is great for the individuals who skip their meal when on a diet, and equally for those too who want to have some extra calories. So make a glass of shake and take it in morning and evening and see the health weight gain within a couple of days.Smokers have a good option if they want to leave smoking forever and they are afraid of consequences they should consume banana it will cover the after effects and makes the person healthy once again.If you have the problem of nausea and the morning sickness then you must eat a banana between the meal it will maintain your blood sugar and will minimize the risk of any further disease.

Bananas fight with heartburn and acid reflux complaints, take it as much possible you will feel relax. Moreover, if you will add two bananas and 1 cup milk shake and blend them on a high speed you will get the smoothie chill it and then enjoy. You will feel relive immediately.Bananas are the source of iron as well, so it combats with the anemia patients.

Take your medicines course but also treat naturally with the fruits and vegetable.Conclusively, many people ask that approximately how much bananas should they eat per day? So, you may eat two bananas per day it is balance for the day!

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