Health benefits: how many carbs in blueberries?

Fruits are known due to their wide variety and benefits to the human body. The fruits and vegetables are the only true source to make a person in the healthy state. However, people generally discuss the regular fruits that are consumed highly among the people yet, here I am going to discuss the blueberries, so the first thing you might not know about is the carbs in it. Lets’ first see how many carbs in blueberries.

how many carbs in blueberries

The carbohydrate is the only ready source of the energy that is needed by the body in high amount. It is the energy that digests and absorbs in the mouth, nevertheless, all other energy goes into the stomach and then absorbs. Fresh blueberries, on serving half cup you will get 7 grams of carbohydrate along with the two grams fiber and 42 calories.

Diabetes patient should know how many carbs in blueberries:

Blueberries and strawberries have different things but note down here that both are full of energy and have a high amount of antioxidants that your body need to maintain its health. The sugar patients should be happy to listen that blueberries do not contain sugar and thus it can be eaten very easily without any fear.


To eat blueberry only will not cater the need of your body whole carbohydrate. So do not count it in your diet meal. Yes, you can take this juice which is very healthy and altogether it has a very cooling effect in the summer season. It keeps the body temperature down and makes it cool.Vitamins are essential for the body and it has vitamin C, K and manganese and high amount of antioxidants that provide protection to cell and prevent from damage.

Also, we have found that it has effective in cancer reducing risk and reduce the heart attack and other pulmonary diseases.


Moreover, fibers in the blueberries are not only targeted to help in the digestion yet it also plays its role in controlling the cholesterol that is the root of many illnesses in the body.

  • It is also considered as the agent of bone strengthens. It has calcium zinc manganese that is needed by bone to have the right structure and have great strength. It is very good for athletes and sports person.
  • If you are blood pressure patient then you can take it smoothly as it does not have sodium that is the major role player. Its lesser quantity makes this type of patients enable to enjoy it freely.
  • It destroys the stored homocysteine. It is a substance that is the root cause of the risk of heart and veins problem. The vitamin B6 and folate is the best tool to fight and destroy its accumulation. So, blueberries are blessings for the patients of every type.
  • It improves the general health of the body. It prevents the inflammation of the organs that more often leads to cancer tumor cell. It also damages the risk of tumor in the body.

Conclusively, the blueberries are healthy for everyone and it is blessing for the patients having major diseases like diabetes and other heart diseases.

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