Get to know about missed period negative pregnancy test

Many a time, it happens when females are pregnant and they got the results negative at home. If you have taken the test at home of hCG (hormonal test for detecting the pregnancy) it is the hormone that is found in the urine when a female is pregnant. However, if you do not detect these hormones and still you are pregnant you then you must know the other causes of missed period negative pregnancy test.


The urine test of pregnancy if held, when you get up in the morning may be come true because at that time, the urine is concentrated and the level of hormones can be detected as high. Late periods are so fearing that a healthy woman becomes conscious that why she got late.If you are sexually active and you know that you may be expected and the late periods are the cause of your early pregnancy and even after testing you have got the negative results then, there are some other reasons:

missed period negative pregnancy test

The test kit you have obtained if may indicate negative results then it may mean your HCG hormone level is not up to the level of detection. Some brands have levels to detect the hormone. Like, one to two brands give high and some give the low level of detection. In the meantime, it also has some instructions to get the test done in the right way.Here, if you have late by one day you must take the test at the very next day. Here I will suggest you to carefully read the instructions of a test. It is advisable to do the test in the early morning with the very first passage of urine. The hormone concentration may be high at the morning time and detect the pregnancy easily. Later at the day time, it may not be possible if you hormone level is low.


Test spotting will tell you about the result whether negative or positive. Sometimes it is the hastiness of many female that they do not give the exact time to complete the test. It is required to allot the 5 to 10 minutes to complete the reaction.

Test cramping and missed period negative pregnancy test:

What is meant by test cramping? Simply the cramping and the pain accompanies when the period is yet to arrive. Sometimes, the cramping begins due to early pregnancy. It means that the period you have missed and got the pregnancy test negative still you are pregnant and now is the time when to call the doctor or pay a visit.



There are many other test pregnancy symptoms as well. But why you have late your period might be a cause of your feeding. While breastfeeding mothers normally face the stoppage in the menstrual cycle. This is due to the prolactin hormone that produces milk in the breast becomes so high in the body that it disrupts the usual flow of other hormones and become a cause to the late period.

Stress and anxiety may be the cause behind your late periods. It’s all about the brain when you’re sick and disturbs mentally your hormonal release disturbed and cause the changes in your body. If you have stress and anxiety then it can be the cause of it as well.These are some causes that can hamper your menstrual cycle.

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