What is the relationship between calcium and magnesium ?

Though calcium and magnesium are rocks and we know that it is mineral and yes it is more than that of the mineral. It’s lacking in the body show negative signs on the health. Calcium and magnesium have an intricate and difficult relation that is difficult to understand. Our body needs an accurate ratio of calcium and magnesium because these both depend on one another. Like if you have calcium in your body but no magnesium then your body won’t properly use this calcium and you will be victimized of deficiencies.

calcium and magnesium

We need to take in food that has good amount of these minerals or at least that caters our daily need. Supplements are also available on medical stores just to fulfill your body needs.

Why maintain a ratio of calcium and magnesium is essential ?

The calcium and magnesium may alter the body’s hormone regulation system. If your calcium is high and magnesium is low then it will prevent from muscles contraction properly.


Certain hormones also need minerals to work at a targeted place. However, the calcium is stored in bones due to vitamin D. If you do not have vitamin D then calcium will be loss and will not store in bones resulting in weakness.

Importance of calcium and magnesium:

We know that calcium makes the bones and teeth strong so as the true for magnesium as it plays a role in regulating more than 300 enzymes and makes them do their work accurately. The calcium besides bones and teeth also helps heart and all over body muscles in their contraction. These two are widely known as alkaline earth metals and so they found in the earth and ultimately go to their after the decomposition of the body.1-ioi

Calcium is found in citrus fruits, juices, and green vegetables moreover, magnesium is abundant in whole grain and nuts also in green leafy vegetables like spinach etc. if you are lacking these two in your body then you can turn to get the supplement to get the need fulfilled.You know that magnesium though needs in the body in a very lesser amount yet its deficiency results in a deficiency of calcium and potassium. It is because it has major role in storing and regulating both these mineral in the best way. Hence, when you face a deficiency of one you will probably go to get the lacking of other too.

Like this two, zinc– a metal is also needed in our body in an appropriate amount. These all metals and their functions are interlinked with each other. Zinc bears bad impact on hormonal changes if it goes on a deficiency in our body.Besides all these elements it is also needed in trace amount in the human body. Usually the zinc tablets are given to the patients who are fighting with the insomnia hence there are dual zinc benefits if you are an insomniac patient.There are in numerous zinc benefits. For sleep, it is a better option for you. Hence it has proved that calcium and magnesium have a strong relationship but other metals too that we don’t consider at all plays important role in our healthy body building.


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