Learn symptoms of how do you get meningitis?

Before a deep start of meningitis symptoms and causes, we need to know what really it is and how do you get meningitis. Actually, meningitis is the diseases of the brain. The word meningitis comes from the membranes of the brain. These are the protective membranes in the brain and spinal cord that are known as the meninges.

how do you get meningitis

What can be its symptoms that are general?

Whenever anyone caught by this disease he will start complaining vomiting, nausea, fever, and headache. He will not be able to bear the loud noise and a sharp light. If your children in the case have to get meningitis then he will avoid leaving the home and room he will show irritation to the light and thus he will feel drowsy all time. Maybe also children can exhibit the sign of lack of appetite and inactivity. These are minor signs and maybe you miss one of these.


There are many types of meningitis as well, I have heard when my friend suddenly diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. What is it I said then she said me that it is the very serious type of illness then I asked that which bacteria caused it and is it contagious, thus she told me that yes it is very harmful and it can transfer from one person to another with the agents like saliva and mucus.


Streptococcus bacteria usually cause these diseases and also it is the one which causes the ear infection and some other diseases too.

How do you get meningitis agents:

Meningitis that is viral or particularly fungal is caused by the transfer of bacteria through the passing of saliva and mucus from one person to another person. There are many agents that become the pathway and transfer the bacteria.

  1. Sharing of utensils like; spoons, toothbrushes and forks etc which goes inside the mouth should never be used by other who do not have meningitis.
  2. Kissing is another problem not necessarily kissing is the way in elders alone yet, an elder one kissing the kid can also transfer meningitis unconsciously.
  3. Sneezing and coughing are the most common ways of the public place that spread meningitis in the public all around. Whenever you are going to a crowded place always use a face mask to cover your nose section. And if you are unhealthy and sick then you must use a handkerchief to protect others from this harmful diseases.imge-doc

As an adult, you must remain careful while meeting with kids and you must know that it can be transferred in infants and it can prove disastrous for the infants’ health.

So, these are the symptoms that you may observe and what are the symptoms in infants?

In infants, when bacteria attack they do not respond to the voice. Usually, infants’ take long sleep and when they are infected they show sickness and they cry a lot due to irritation. Infants never take the proper food and can have a high-grade fever. Stiffness may be observable in the baby’s body and neck. These are the strong sign enough to take your kid to the doctor as soon as possible.

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