Do you know about symptoms & treatment of sciatica nerve stretches ?

Let’s take a position and start learning first that what is sciatica and where it exactly lies in your body. Sciatica is a nerve on our back at the side of the spinal cord and thus when it starts to give out pain it is known as sciatica nerve stretches. Usually, the sciatica is the lower backbone nerve and when the pain happens it will start from the lower back of the hip joint to each leg and it gives to pressure and it feels like something is causing a burden on the nerve.


No doubt for the sciatica many doctors recommend surgery to make its position correct but it can be treated with yoga as there as much as 90% patients that recovers from this.

What are the symptoms of Sciatica nerve stretches?

Actually, the nerve lies on back hence feeling of pain start from the hip and buttocks and it will go to the one leg. Never your two legs will be involved. Sometimes when it happen it feels that we have just back pain due to the burden of our daily routine work but it increases and can last up to the weeks. However, the back pain will increase when you will sit or may be a cough or sneeze or pain will be high when you suddenly jerk. Your affected leg may feel numb and week and maybe you won’t stand up for hours.

sciatica nerve stretches

Treatment of sciatica:

No worry because worry is not going to solve this issue rather than increasing the tension and blood pressure. There is a treatment you can have at your home like yoga etc.Besides yoga and exercises, medicines are too important to make your relief from the pain. There are some exercises and yoga position which I am going to explain for your service and I believe you will feel instant relief in pain.A simple exercise: lie on a floor and then bend your knees exactly at a position where your heels come directly under your knees.


Then push your hands on your thighs, slide them to the root of the pelvis. Push your right leg up and make a cross bridge-like position to the other leg. It will add pressure on your back but try to do it smoothly and calmly.Then, make your legs straight and push towards you after that slide your legs and make their position upright straight.Throughout this exercise take a deep breath and exhale slowly. It is the exercise done for pain relief.

Tips to avoid much pain:

While at work during your office hours always sit in chair that gives the straight position to your back. Sit on that chair that is not cozy but hard.

Cause of herniated disk in sciatica nerve stretches :

In our vertebrate, there is a disk called herniated disk between our vertebrae and it acts like the supporting disk and makes its position plate like under the vertebrae and helps in move the spine easily. When this disk gets out of the lining and gets outer from its position it put pressure on the nerve so it gives out pain. It happens with the age factor when the bones and human being becomes week. Almost among 50 people, one person is said to have this problem in his age.


Many females while pregnancy got this back pain and they consider it sciatica, however, this is not so, you must consult a doctor first because usually, pregnant women observe pain in their back during this period.

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