What is lock jaw? Read about It’s causes, treatment & prevention.

What is lock jaw ? Is this a disease? What is lock jaw’s mean? The lockjaw is the confusing name however, it is the name used in replacement of tetanus. It is a bacterial infection that affects the nervous system badly. What happens when you develop lock jaw? Your muscles become to tighten of all the body parts. Initially, the muscles start to the contract of the neck and the jaw that is why it called lockjaw.

What is lock jaw

Primary and the initial stage of tetanus then lead to the other parts of the body. It may be a fatal and life threatening if do not pay heed at the early stage. It requires immediate treatment at home.
Note: if you have tightened muscles and problem in moving the neck then it is a symptom of clostridium bacteria.

What is lock jaw ? And its vaccine.

Lockjaw is caused by bacteria though it has its vaccine but sometimes it does not last long and it fails to prevent the attack again. In this case, you need emergency treatment. If you want to have security throughout your life then you will have to renew it after every ten years.


Causes of tetanus- lock jaw.

Bacteria known as clostridium tetani are the cause of the lock jaw. The bacteria can be found in the animals dropping, dust specks and in the polluted air. The spores are reproductive that they can fertilize in the body. However, the spores are so light and sensitive that they cannot bear the high heat and thus they are not resistant to the high temperature. This is why tetanus found so less in the warm countries.


Treatment with exercise:

What are recommended exercises for the treatment of tetanus or lock jaw? Here I will mention some exercise that will help you in getting ease from the tighten muscles. Follow the instructions and get yourself relieved from this worst condition.Jaw stretching: stretch and move your jaw and do this exercise when you feel relaxed. Open your mouth slowly and then shut slowly do this for the five minutes and twice a day.

Touching your gums and upper mouth space.

Touch your gums and teeth continuously with your tongue and then push your tongue to the back of your throat. This exercise will stretch your muscles and then your muscles besides medicines will start to take their original place.


Severe infection:

The infection becomes serious if these spores go into the blood stream. The bacterial spores release the toxic material known as the tetanospasmin. Tetanus infection may attack you when you have burns or you have been pierced recently and it has a wound. Or you have dental infections or animal bites any of these may become the way to transfer the bacteria into the blood stream.

Slow expansion of jaw and movement of neck exercise is the best way to recover from the disease soon.

Other symptoms of lockjaw.

When you are attacked by the bacteria then you will start observing fever- may be high or medium grade depending on the intensity of the infection. High blood pressure and sweating etc. it also have incubation period that may be vary from 3 to 21 days however, the symptoms may appear within or after 14 days.

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